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Guided Duck & Canada Goose Hunts in Illinois

Located in the South Central Duck and Goose Zone with access to over 2,500 acres adjacent to a 1250 acre waterfowl rest area, Gander Hill Goose Club offers a wide array of Southern Illinois waterfowl hunting opportunities.   From flooded fields of milo and corn, to reclaimed strip mines and deep water lakes we offer a variety of fully guided duck & goose hunting opportunities. Our guides scout the surrounding area daily for the best locations holding the largest concentrations of birds to assure you and your hunting group have a great waterfowl hunting experience.

Generally hunting is done out of heated blinds and pits with a large decoy spread.

canada geese flying in the sky
ducks and geese flying over water with a sunset or sunrise

Illinois Duck & Goose Hunting Details

Each group has its own professional guide.  All of our hunting guides are local to the area, with life-long waterfowl knowledge.  They are expert duck and goose hunters, callers, and work hard to provide you with a successful and memorable Southern Illinois waterfowl hunting experience.

2023-2024 Illinois Waterfowl Hunting Season

Duck Season: November 11th, 2023 -January 9th, 2024
Canada Goose Season: November 13th, 2023 -January 31st, 2024

Illinois Waterfowl Bag Limits – 2023-2024

The daily duck bag limit is six (6) and may include no more than four (4) mallards (two hens), three (3) wood ducks, two (2) redheads, two (2) black ducks, two (2) canvasback, one (1) pintail, and one (1) mottled duck.  Scaup (bluebills) will have a bag limit of two (2) for the first 45 days of the season in each zone and one (1) for the last 15 days of the season in each zone. The daily bag limit of mergansers is five (5), only two of which may be hooded mergansers.  The possession limit for ducks and mergansers is three times the daily bag limit by species and sex.  

During the regular season, Canada goose limits will be three (3) with a possession limit of nine (9). White-fronted goose daily bag limits will be two (2) with a possession limit of six (6).  The snow goose daily bag limit is 20 birds, with no possession limit, during the fall and winter season.

duck flying in they air
duck flying over water

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Located in Southern IL

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$150 per Person