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Specklebelly Geese

In the heart of

the Mississippi flyway

Illinois Specklebelly Goose Hunts

With un-mistakenly laughter in the air, these laughs are the sound of the white-fronted-geese. Commonly referred to as a Specklebelly or Spec, these medium-sized geese mostly weigh 4-6 pounds.   They are named for their patch of white feathers bordering the base of its bill, along with the salt-and-pepper markings on the breast of adult birds.

specklebelly goose hunts in pinckneyville illinois
greater white-fronted geese flying

Specklebelly Hunting

The Specklebelly have experienced more pressure throughout the Mississippi Flyway, making them one of the most sought-after geese for any waterfowler.  They do not tolerate any human interaction and good concealment is a must.  The white fronted geese are normally found among flocks of snow geese, so you can use the same decoy spreads.  They usually gather in small groups on the edge of the snow goose flocks.   Once committed to the decoys, Specklebelly’s blast out of the sky, butterflying down in a near vertical descent.    After your successful hunt, the best is yet to come.  Specklebelly is considered the ribeye of the sky and is widely considered the best eating of all the goose species.  Prepare it like a steak, but don’t over cook them.  Medium rare is perfect.  Anything past medium will become tough.

If you are looking for an opportunity to hunt these prized geese, contact Gander Hill Goose Club for your next guided goose hunt.  Leave the scouting and the calling to the guides and worry only about the shooting and watching the feathers fly.

Illinois Duck and Goose Hunting Details

Each group has its own professional guide.  All of our hunting guides are local to the area, with life-long waterfowl knowledge.  They are expert duck and goose hunters, callers, and work hard to provide you with a successful and memorable Southern Illinois waterfowl hunting experience.

2023-2024 Illinois Waterfowl Hunting Season

White-Fronted Goose Season: November 11th, 2023-January 31st, 2024

Illinois White Fronted Geese Bag Limits- 2023

Daily bag limits will be two (2) with a possession limit of six (6). 

white-fronted geese flying over land and water
specklebelly hunts near pinckneyville illinois

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Located in Southern IL

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$150 per Person